Copying Is Theft!

I saw some *opinions* (maybe there are some organisations behind these ideas, i dunno) says “copying is not theft! i don’t steal the software, i’m just copying..” and supporting the idea with: “if i steal an orange¹, the original one disappears, but if I copy it, there’s no problem”.

Well, Mr. moron. I don’t want to make you sad, but it’s pure theft. People are not selling oranges in software world. While the software is running, a person or corp is having benefits. It’s not important if you steal the original one or not (funny, it’s mostly impossible to say “the original one” actually if it’s a software).

Main idea is; you’re using some codes which someone f*cked their days (even years) for it. Also they’re not “selling” the code, they’re allowing you to “use” that code (if you ever read the EULA’s or licences, whatever).

The dramatic part, for me, some of this retards are supporting free software. They don’t even know what “freedom” is. Freedom includes your right to sell your own, “i gave everything to write this shit”-code.

(By the way, I hate licences, check bottom right for license info)

¹ For another kind of argument, which says “it’s not theft, it’s plagiarism”, i can say “thesis” instead of orange. Would it be good?



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2010-07-31 14:46 +0000