The routine..

Some inmates say that violence is the worst thing we gotta face. For me, the worst thing is the great yawn. How do you fill day after dull ass day? We got these routines that are supposed to give our lives order and meaning.

But I’m here to testify that I’m less afraid of getting shanked in my back than the routine.

Cause the routine, man, the routine’ll kill you.

​ - From Oz

My boss was not happy from the situation, neither do I.

Because I was working between Apache and MySQL while having wet dreams about other possibilities like Hadoop, Postgre, Nginx, MongoDB, cloud etc..

I’m still young (I guess). Couldn’t keep the game which I had to play with patience, waiting for right time to have a chance to do some experiments, using my imagination.

Because we had a ‘stable business’, no need to fuck around. My tag (which mostly I gave to myself) as “sysadmin” was not fitting with what I do.

I quit.

If you have “the routine”, you should do it too.



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2013-04-30 03:20 +0000