Why do we use a single distro?

New distros with cool ideas always amaze me. Too bad we generally have new shiny debuntu based software collections only. Bedrock is a different one. Here is a quote from official website:

If one would like a rock-solid stable base (for example, from Debian or a RHEL clone) yet still have easy access to cutting-edge packages (from, say, Arch Linux), automate compiling packages with Gentoo’s portage, and ensure that software aimed only for the ever popular Ubuntu will run smoothly - all at the same time, in the same distribution - Bedrock Linux will provide a means to achieve this.

That is a really cool idea, having your cake and eating it too! With Bedrock, you can use a stable distro like Debian and use applications from AUR, Portage or whatever you want. It’s still at beta stage, but it took me thinking “How the hell?” so I’ve fired a virtual machine and installed a Debian Jessie to “hijack” and installed ArchLinux as a “strata”. You can enable/disable and switch to a strata with a single command. If your system doesn’t have an application, you can still run it if it’s installed in an installed strata. Here is a poor-sound demo. If you’re an old distro-hopper like me, you should totally check it out. I don’t remember liking an idea like this since HadronLinux.



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2016-01-19 16:44 +0000