Leaving Turkey

Working at a corporate environment is appealing; awesome benefits, relaxed working environment, first-class vendors and support, high-end hardware etc. Of course YMMV, there are always unbearable times/positions somewhere.
In my case: Lately I was sitting dull and waiting for someone, either one of my co-workers (which are nice people by the way) or some developer/application guy, needs me. This may also be appealing if you are satisfied with your town, country, career progress and overall you know.. your life.

But being young for corporate (<30), I still have the feeling of ‘professional curiosity’. Yet I’ve managed to keep going with learning some languages, evaluating new technologies to present to my team, creating scripts/tools to help daily reports etc. thanks to my manager, who somewhat supported my enthusiasm. But then he left the company for the sake of his own startup and I started to feel like peter immediately. Soon after, our division hit by a giant re-organization which scrambled the teams and put my team to even less-effective place.

I realized this was the real corporate, older people working here actually saw this scenario lots of times and just started to wait for the new manager and directions.

I just can’t. Not in these years of my career. If I do, I might have to work here (or somewhere like this) until the end.

So I’m moving to Germany, like some of co-workers from my division. I’ve found a more dynamic company, which is full of good people who really cares.

Let’s see what happens next :)



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2017-05-29 10:24 +0200