Firefox Quantum

I’ve recently switched to Firefox Quantum.

It was not an easy task, after all I was using Chromium since version 3 or something (maybe from 2010, not sure). I’ve watched a nice browser getting bloated with corporate ideas and I wanted to give Firefox a try after long time, especially with all the hype which was going on after rewriting their engine via Rust.

The rewrite seems invalidated most of the extensions by not having the backwards-compatible flag (but being a Chrom{e,ium} user means I’m not used to have customization), I had few extensions to run anyway. uBlock Origin, Imagus, FoxyProxy and some other small ones were enough for me.

The update really seems nice, you can feel it with slick UI and fast reactions of the browser, but I wanted to customize it a bit. So tried Tree Style Tab extension and really liked it. After a bit customization, I guess I have found my kind of setup.

If you also want to try, I suggest this userChrome.css file to remove tabs from above and have some delayed animations etc.


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2017-12-12 08:24 +0000