Recruiters on Linkedin

I am on Linkedin for quite long time. My profile setting about recruiters is always “Open”, even when I am not looking for a job, which causes all kind of weird queries to fill my inbox.

This forces me not to care, when I feel like the message is a cheap copy/paste template starting with my name, I just press the “No” button.

But on this post, I’d like to introduce 5 main categories of recruiters who are reaching me all the time, since this became entertainment for me after a while:

HR from a recruiting partner, formal

Hi, one of our partners are looking for someone like you. So it’d be great if you can just send us all your personal information, and get mails even after years later, because even you don’t fit to the position, we want to sell your data while shutting down the company.

HR from a recruiting partner, informal

Hi bro, we have an open position at one of our partners and you won’t believe how cool their office are! THEY EVEN HAVE SNACKS!!! Quick send us your phone number so we might offer you half of your current salary while promising you trivial stuff like home office opportunity (once in a month). SNACKS BRO, SNACKS!!

HR from a recruiting partner, reckless

Hi, we might have an open position. (Yet we are not providing any information about it. We won’t even tell the job title, why would you need it?)

HR from a recruiting company, fishing

Hi, we have an open position in one of the best companies (we won’t say its name because then you’ll realize it’s a sub-average one). You can read the job details in our webpage. (Yes we changed some phrases so we think you can’t find it on Google anymore).

HR from a big company

Hi, we might have an open position, so better start begging us (even though the position is not related with your job and experience). What you gonna do, reject? :D