Life after RHCE

I sometimes see questions like “Which certificate should I get?" or “I’m planning to get X, does it worth the price/work I invest?" in forums/reddit. Most of the time I also can’t answer it, because I am not really sure if my RHCE certificate helped me or not.

It will also expire few months later. And after giving some thought, I’ve decided to let it.

Even though I understand “It will be a clear sign about how well I know what I am doing” theory behind it, if I were hiring someone technical, a certificate wouldn’t slightly change my idea in any way. One other argument is “what about junior positions?", since these candidates can’t provide much work experience. I’d still prefer to evaluate myself once more to see candidate’s problem-solving capability.

Also I wanted to get a certificate after learning my old company was going to pay for the exams if I pass them (around $800). So a senior Linux admin candidate without a certificate, would only make me think “Ah, (s)he was unlucky about a certificate-paying company”.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t want to work in a company which “requires” certification after this point. Such a requirement means;
a: They don’t have time to know/care who they’re hiring (bad)
b: They’re hardcore corporate (worse)
c: Responsible technical lead is incapable of evaluating a candidate (the worst)

So, if you’re reading this with the same questions in your mind, here is my 2 cents: If you’re capable of getting a certificate, in today’s rich tech market, you don’t have to care that much.



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2019-02-13 15:24 +0000