Share your knowledge

I’ve been planning to create my own knowledgebase for a while. I believe knowledge kept secret worth nothing. Also if you’re working with open source tools, it’s extremely important to help others.

But never found any tool convenient enough, since everything requires some weird formats to make it presentable. My notes are in Markdown format, which is pretty convenient once you set up your editor for it.

I’ve discovered vimwiki very late, and there is an awesome helper tool for it to support Markdown -> HTML conversion.

I can highly recommend this if you’re a vim user, here is the snippet from my config to make it work:

" vimwiki stuff
" please note setting .md here will set filetype of .md files
" to 'vimwiki' instead of 'markdown'
let mywiki = {}
let mywiki.path = '/my/wiki/path'
let mywiki.path_html = '/my/publish/path'
let mywiki.syntax = 'markdown'
let mywiki.ext = '.md'
let mywiki.custom_wiki2html = 'vimwiki_markdown'

let g:vimwiki_list = [mywiki]
let g:vimwiki_ext2syntax = {'.md': 'markdown', '.markdown': 'markdown', '.mdown': 'markdown'}

(Also the package is merged to NixOS repositories)

Now you can find some of my notes under Wiki section 🎉