The happy struggle

I’m getting old.

We’ve been struggling with an expired root certificate at work. While the vendor was downplaying it like “naaah man you don’t need to do anything, it’s cool”, since we have internal/external clients who are not running latest operating system with latest Google Chrome *(I’m sorry for this, I guess?), it hit us hard.

While helping to solve this issue by updating certificate chains, my wife *(who is not a tech-savvy person, I guess she is also sorry for this?) needed to have an online conference call, asked for help. I tried, but no. For some reason, Cisco Webex couldn’t establish the audio connection for the meeting.


I’ve looked to outside from my window, and I said “fuck that” unintentionally. Remembered Ryan Dahl’s rant:

The users - the one who just want to see a webpage - don’t care.

We, “the mankind”, struggle to continue by hoping our small achievements are a bit bigger than setbacks, for the problems we’ve created to ourselves. That’s same for most areas, either software or politics.

Yet our minds desire simplicity:

  • “Surely it’ll work on a Windows/Mac, it’s default”
  • “I’ll vote for this man, he can fix it”
  • “NoSQL is the answer”

Most of the time the opposite becomes true. You get monopolies, dictators, etc. Whatever makes the problem a bigger mess.

Paused in the middle of this, watching birds on the tree. Exhausted from small setbacks while planning bigger achievements on the JIRA board next screen. In the meantime, on the other side of the world we’re sending people to the orbit, while police kills people because of their skin color.

If we’re in a simulation, I believe the creator is happy.
We are a well-tuned /dev/urandom, the perfect URNG.



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2020-06-02 18:24 +0200