Don't waste my time

I need to buy something. I search on Amazon to get a reference price. Amazon says it’s 50€. Then I search the web for individual shops.

I land on your website. You have the same product, great. You’re selling it for 55€, but that’s fine. I am willing to pay little bit more to support people who try to live in the era of monopolies. I add it to cart and proceed to checkout.

Then, one of the following 2 happens:

  1. You allow ordering as guest. I am happily buying. End of story.
  2. You ask for an account.

Crap. Why would I need an account on your website? Especially if it’s a product I will not need again. Anyway, depending on the price and my available time, I am probably skipping your website. But if I don’t have too many options (or have too much time), I create an e-mail alias on my server:

Then again, one of the following 2 happens:

  1. I create an account with my alias address. I buy the thing. That alias is deleted some time after product is delivered to me. Another end of story.
  2. Your website does not accept my address. It says “please give a valid address”. You clearly expect a Gmail/Hotmail account or similar.


I’ve even accepted to pay more (plus shipping) on your website. I am a weirdo who cares, instead of ordering over the big shop with 2 clicks like LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE. Why do you do this to me?

Fuck you and your website. I quit and search for another source. If I don’t have options/time/patience left, I simply buy on Amazon.

If I am going to vote with my wallet; I’d give my money to a monopoly, rather than an idiot.



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2020-12-06 17:24 +0000