More rice? Meh.

I had some weird issues with AwesomeWM, and wanted to try something different with this excuse.

First, i3. After setting up some config to start with, I’ve realized that’s a limited-option window manager. It doesn’t let you go outside “i3 way”: No proper support for minimizing windows, no permanent tags etc. Funny thing is, most people were working around this with custom shell scripts. Well.. I’d be also happy with it, if I didn’t know a better way exists.

Then tried to search for alternatives. Golden criteria would be “having a scripting/programming language support for configuration”. I found some, but the language was C (so basically I’ll code my own WM on a low-level language). Then I’ve stumbled upon to Xmonad. It’s a feature-rich and very customizable window manager, also has lots of user-defined configuration modules. But the configuration language was Haskell.

I am still alien to Haskell. And to be honest, as a simple Python/Go guy, I’d like to stay that way (at least for now).

So I’ve switched back to AwesomeWM. I can iron out the configuration in relatively no-time. Maybe I’ll dig deeper on Xmonad later, or someone else comes up with something like way-cooler again so I can swim into Wayland..