FSF, Stallman and FFS!

As a long-time open source user and a seasoned Linux system admin, I’ve seen a lot of crap. The open source community, is truly a mix of very different and very opinionated people, which is (most of the time) what makes it great.

I mostly don’t have extreme views on the topics. After some years, one finds the true peace on “whatever works for you”. Not very different from real life: Are you religious? Fine. Are you an atheist? Fine. As long as you don’t try to force others to “be like you” up to a point that they’re disturbed, no problems. Of course you can suggest and explain your view, have a debate etc. which is the good part of being a community.

But does open source community work like that?



May god help you, if you try to declare that you like systemd on some places. Everything is a reason for flame war. File systems? Check! Distros? Of course! Package managers? You heretic! Backup methods? You are clearly a noob!!

While having this kind of flaming hot community at hand, try whispering some modern/popular struggles like LGBT or MeToo. Oh god, oh no…

Anyway. I’ve signed a letter which tries to urge FSF board members to not include Stallman anymore. Which was replied by even larger community on a counter letter. I can understand why people can support both sides and some of the arguments (there are fuckton of them). And eventually FSF announced that they will still give him a seat. Which caused a wide range of reactions.

But, I’ve seen my mail address got spammed. First an English version of a nonsense “USAnian” message, which was mumbling something about communist revolution and our support for the wicked culture or something. Than came a badly translated version of that. Now I had to unsubscribe from a mailing list, which is managed by adolfhitler@netc.eu. Someone has added my address to imply that we’re “nazis”?

Seriously though, that’s a childish move. I don’t give a flying fuck about your hero. Yes he made great stuff, but also Hans Reiser. Actions have consequences. And thanks to those “believers”, Stallman is not even having them. But that was not enough for them apparently. Congrats, now I love Stallman! You’ve proved your point that I am now truly converted! Oh, I can definitely feel it.. The urge.. I.. MUST.. REMOVE.. PROPRIETARY.. AT ALL COSTS!!

I am not a religious person, but the idea of a God does not actually disturb me. It’s his fan club which I can’t stand. This is the same stuff with Stallman apparently.