More self-hosting: Git


The older I get, more I like the idea of self-hosting. Especially after my NixOS switch1, I am less afraid of stuff getting broken.

I was searching something on options page and saw Gitea there. I knew it was written with Go and it was really trying to be lightweight. I tested it locally for a short while, few years ago. Decided to try it out for real this time. Few lines of Nix code later, voila 🎉 I can self-host my repositories now! And it’s really not resource intensive at all, considering the feature set.

You can check out how easily I’ve installed/configured Gitea on In fact you can even check how my laptop(s) and the server (which is currently serving you this page) are configured. I’ve also put some of my other configuration files there; AwesomeWM, home-manager etc. Planning to fill it even more, instead of scattering my stuff around “the cloud”.

  1. Phew, it was more than 2 years ago, I am getting old.. ↩︎