About open source

Most of the time, I hesitate to open an issue to public projects I use.

It can be a bug ticket or feature request. The main concern is same: Do I care? I mean, do I really care? Will I care in the future, when I won’t be using this software for years?

Because that’s what happens: I use a tool. I like it, except 1 little thing. So I report some bug or propose a change (maybe send a PR). I understand that it’s project owner’s right to not care (see the section below). But do I really want to get an e-mail like “Any updates on this?” after 4 damn years?

There are few projects that I am almost certain I will use (or at least, probably be interested) in the next years. So except for those, my first action is to read the documentation to have a workaround. Second action is to look an alternative tool to use. Yes, I will even use something different instead of reporting a bug because of the annoyance I get from my old “mistake"s.


About the rights of an open-source project owner

I have a bit “radical” views about this one.


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Most people think there is a contract between the software they use and them. This is mostly true, but the contract is not like how they imagine. If you’re using an open source tool which is MIT/GPL/BSD etc licensed, they don’t provide any guarantee.
I need to repeat: they DON’T promise about ANYTHING. This is a piece of code, which is placed to internet, accessible by you. That’s all. Most of the time only thing they care if YOU want to distribute this code too, so they put some rules for that case.

So if any of the tools you’re using had a bad upgrade which breaks your workflow (or your whole system2), personally I don’t really care about sad/angry comments about it. Noone forced you to use this software, noone forced you to update to latest version, YOU were the person who is responsible to check about annoyances/bugs on that version. Yes, it might be not kind of his/her who broke the thing, but this doesn’t make you right on this topic, sorry (not sorry).



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