Linux on desktop

Using Linux on desktop is suffering.



Here is an example:

If your mouse has back/forward buttons, they will register as “double click” in electron apps

While not exactly a “because Linux..” issue, it shows the pain we have to endure. Crap like this never become issue for “mainline” operating systems, because they got fixed soon after reporting. Not trying to blame the developers also1, they probably have a lot bigger fish to catch. Just trying to show it from the end-user point of view (‘year of the linux desktop’ anyone?). On Linux, these type of small gimmicks are generally ignored, even by users at this point.

One guy even suggests “Behold, here is a workaround! You can right click, open the context menu and then click back/forward, which makes first click to invalidate by using it to close the menu.”

My man.. Yes, this would definitely work, but at what cost! 😆

And the saddest part is: I have some theories about the root cause, and know how to create a workaround for my environment 😿 I can write a lua function to my AwesomeWM, which can grab the target window when these mouse buttons are used, and override them if that is an electron app! But even thinking of this makes me gag, so I will probably try to forget about it.

  1. You know my thoughts about open source and developer rights. ↩︎



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2023-11-27 20:14 +0000