Random Linux nuggets - 2

This is an ongoing series of nugget posts, basically a collection of my random linux-related mumblings.

Crappy vendors

I am slowly improving loose. Any time I see something weird when I connect/disconnect a monitor, I check the logs and fix the cause.

You can’t fix stupid though..

I found a monitor on my workplace which disables itself completely after inactivity. I don’t mean DPMS-off, it literally disconnects from the system after a certain timeout. Not sure if it’s caused by Philips or even crappier no-brand “smart” dock they use, but after I saw the disconnection I just stopped.

Hey, at least it works after re-connection, right? (hidethepain emoji)

Nix, but the language

I finally switched to flakes. Now it feels a lot nicer and compact since I can define all my inputs in the flake.nix' inputs section, no more mess (feelsgoodman emoji)

More I dig into Nix language, more I understand, but also getting more confused. I now understand most basics, but sometimes it feels like looking to Egyptian hieroglyphs. (Like, wut.. (wat emoji)).

I’d be still fine with nested stuff, only if the error codes would be better. Seeing an error with no source available at the end does not help at all.

Inputs, terminals, multiplexers and such..

I have a new qmk-programmable keyboard, which has a volume knob (wassup emoji).

I am, of course, setting the volume with that knob. But also doing some weird stuff like:

  • Setting screen brightness
  • Switching between
    • Windows
    • Firefox tabs
    • Tmux panes
  • Resizing my fake awesomewm screens

While trying to set those up, I realized something weird with tmux: It detects Ctrl-Tab without problems, but not Ctrl-Shift-Tab (or, in tmux-slang: Ctrl-Btab).
After digging it, I stumbled upon to an option: You can set custom user keys within tmux, by using octal values! That’s both neat and terrifying..

Speaking of multiplexers..

I am a vivid tmux user with every possible tuning is done via configuration. While it does the job, it feels sluggish (and it is open to surprises like the one mentioned above). So I was looking for an alternative for a while.


Zellij is the new kid on the block. I tested it and it seems to be very fast & featureful. Yet I have to un-learn some stuff, since it doesn’t support everything I use. For example, I assign “Alt” key as my tmux-management key and “Alt-Esc” means “Switch to scroll mode”. While scroll mode is possible with Zellij, sadly it limits the keys you can use with each modifier.
So I got Invalid key: 'Alt Esc' (sadcat-thumbsup emoji) Maybe I can check later..


My favorite terminal emulator also has mux mode. Although I tried back in time and it was lacking some features. Recently checked the mux mode on nightly version, and it seems like it has cooked. I have to give it another shot soon.