Random Linux nuggets - 3

This is an ongoing series of nugget posts, basically a collection of my random linux-related mumblings.

Linking directly from Neovim

I was using vim-gh-line for a while, but recently realized gitlinker exists. Switched in a heartbeat since it also supports Gitea (and has lua-regex support to declare custom hostnames).

Although it also seems a bit neglected for a while, I might try one of the nicer forks later.

Comma, hell yeah

Stumbled upon a tool called comma, a literal , command which helps you to run any app via nixpkgs without permanently installing.

This was already possible with creating a nix-shell with any package name, but this tool is stepping up by scanning the binary names for you. So if you’d like to run any of the gazillion apps from the most crowded distro repo, just run the command you want prepending with a comma.

I tested it with this app, to remember good old days:

, k3b



Boot screen

I was using my Nixos blur theme for booting, but it felt boring. Scrambled a new plymouth theme for lulz, which is just a nice MSN-era gif I liked back in the day.

Now the system boots up happier at least!

More wezterm magic

I forked a wezterm configuration repo and edited it with my usual piled-up settings. Now I have a weird setup: I normally use wezterm’s multiplexer, but automatically disable tabs/conflicting keys to switch “tmux-compliant mode” when I SSH to some server. This was possible via something called “user variables” which I think is an incredible idea.

I also tested background effect called “parallax” with some space images I found around, but sadly the performance was too bad (meaning slower initialization of terminal) which is a no-go. Maybe I need to ask it in the chat.