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TTNet’in Gezinti saçmalığı, durduk yere beni tuhaf reklam sayfalarına götürmeye başladı. Dikizlemeye çalışıp onu bile beceremiyorlar. Dün gece kriz geçirip, artık büyük download’larım hariç tüm bağlantıları OpenVPN üzerinden, DNS sorgularımı da dnscrypt ile halletmeye karar verdim. Neler döndüğü ile ilgili detaylı bilgiyi kame‘den alabilirsiniz.


Binary fun

I like using Zsh. Today I’ve accidentally entered the command “yop” and Zsh asked:

$ zsh: correct 'yop' to 'top' [nyae]?

I’m familiar with this question and pressing y afterwards. But I thought pressing just Enter should be fine. Checked for some configuration option on documents, nope. Some even suggests recompiling zsh.

Then I tried to open zsh binary with hexedit, changing 2 “nyae” strings I’ve found to “ynae”. It worked:

$ zsh: correct 'yop' to 'top' [ynae]?





htaccess[Link to original xkcd]


Drop the Dropbox

I’ve closed my Dropbox account (you might guess the motive behind it) and migrated my files to my fresh-installed OwnCloud 7.

Configuring owncloud is still kind of pita. Here is the configuration file for Nginx/PHP-fpm virtualhost. Also follow this documentation to prevent bruteforce attacks to owncloud.


Memcached check script

Couldn’t find an easy & reliable way to check if memcached is running (for HA tools). Current check scripts on the net are generally stalling when memcached hits to maximum connections. So I wrote a dirty script that timeouts after 1 second on unsuccesful try.

It’s ugly but you get the idea.

Why if ? Because netcat doesn’t exit with error status on timeout.


Here is the script: [Link]