Recruiters on Linkedin

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I am on Linkedin for quite long time. My profile setting about recruiters is always "Open", even when I am not looking for a job, which causes all kind of weird queries to fill my inbox. This forces me not to care, when I feel like the message is a cheap copy/paste template starting with my name, I just press the "No" button. But on this post, I'd like to introduce 5 main categories of recruiters who are reaching me all the time, since this became entertainment for me after a while:

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Well, it is PITA. But..

gentoo funny

I saw this comic, and I knew I must do this. It is probably the main reason of me being a Linux guy. Still remembering every pain it made me suffer. I just want to thanks everyone who made possible such a shitty distro:

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[Link to original xkcd]

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