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Random Linux nuggets - 3
·302 words·2 mins
Linux Nugget
Random Linux nuggets - 2
·477 words·3 mins
Linux Nugget
Random Linux nuggets - 1
·584 words·3 mins
Linux Nugget
Linux on desktop
·234 words·2 mins
Rant Linux
More self-hosting: Git
·167 words·1 min
Linux Nixos Git Selfhosting
Using double Yubikeys for different purposes
·225 words·2 mins
Linux Security Yubikey Nixos
Dell XPS 13 9310 with Linux
·594 words·3 mins
Linux Desktop Hardware
More rice? Meh.
·205 words·1 min
Linux Desktop
Switched VPS to NixOS
·168 words·1 min
Nixos Linux Hosting
Back to AwesomeWM
·87 words·1 min
Linux Desktop