Nixos on Vultr, with LUKS

nixos hosting

I've been playing with Nixops lately. Wanted to deploy a nixos server to Vultr (since it's my current provider). Nixos ISO was in the list of ISO's you can attach. After a small search, I've found a cool script on GitHub to bootstrap the environment properly. Yet, I wanted it to be encrypted (yeah I know, entering password on boot..) and forked it to make securestrap ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I like how easy the whole declarative stuff is.

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Changed distro, again


When I was new to Linux, I settled on Debian unstable after trying some of the popular distros. Ironically it was so stable that I got bored and switched to Gentoo. And for about a year, since our infrastructure is largely consist of Debian on my workplace, I was using Debian again. And here I am, craving for another toy to play with. Since I like to learn new stuff by getting my hands dirty, I looked up for something new.

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