I hate software from Apple.

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Table of contents:

System updates

List available updates

sudo softwareupdate -l

Update an available one

sudo softwareupdate -i "NAME OF THE UPDATE"

Add --restart to automatically restart on need.

Service management

List services

sudo launchctl list

Find plist file of a service

Generally it's one of the pre-set folders, but who cares about what will Apple think on a new version of Mac.. Just dump the whole state and find inside that mess:

sudo launchctl dumpstate | less

Start/stop a service

sudo launchctl start/stop ${SERVICE_NAME}

There is also unload and load commands if you want to refer to the plist file directly.

If the above doesn't work on newer versions, your best bet is to run sudo launchctl dumpstate | less and find the "cool" name of the service (e.g. gui/502/com.jenkins.node).