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Possible errors

tree X not found in repository

First of all, try rebuild-index command. It will take some time but it will probably fix things. If it still gives this warning, consider creating a bug report, since Restic should not "lose" the data. Anyway you can get rid of the error if you can give up the snapshots which are effected by this:

$ restic find --tree XXXXX
Found tree 453f9dd1999c9bd89cfd5dd3e574216b6cc0e247da5656ea7d7a19461aeef447
 ... path /some/path
 ... in snapshot br23e8943b (2020-01-22 06:27:20)
$ restic forget br23e8943b

unable to save snapshot: node "X" already present

This hints there is something weird on your filesystem (expecially with reported X file). I saw this under GlusterFS, which had 2 hardlinks; with same name, under same folder, pointing to same file. Not sure if this is a restic issue, but feel free to ask into restic forum / open an issue to github..


Running forget by mistake

This will only remove the reference file under snapshots/ folder. Use recover command to re-register them.

Missing files from the repo

If you didn't screw too bad (e.g. lost config file or something), there is a branch which adds repair command here.

Just build it and read the help. It worked really nice for me.